First Lite didn’t “invent” merino wool. It was around, but few in the hunting world even knew about it. First Lite Founder, Kenton Carruth, wore some on snowmobile and backcountry skiing trips in 2003 and was amazed by its functionality and comfort.

Soon, he began researching it. It did wonders to draw moisture away from the body and didn’t accumulate body odor nearly as quickly as synthetic base layers.

With gears turning in his mind, he decided to see if it would be possible to print camo on it. He found a way to make it happen and he came to SHOT Show in 2007, the year his company was founded. He had five simple products – two weights of tops, boxers, long johns, and a balaclava. This was hunting’s true introduction to this game-changing fabric.

It shot First Lite right into the hunting spotlight, and soon everyone in hunting was singing merino wool’s praise. Now, their offerings are much more diverse, and with ten years or more into it, First Lite has a great reputation for having some of the finest merino wool around.

In 2015, they diversified their merino line by adding Aero Wool – a 65% merino/35% synthetic hybrid. It’s the next generation in his search for the perfect next-to-skin/base layer combination – one of the most critical there is in modern-day layering systems.