Kuiu Super Down Hooded Jacket and Zip-T

Kuiu founder, Jason Hairston, has always had a well-deserved reputation for being driven to produce cutting edge and sometimesrevolutionary hunting clothing. So in that regard, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by their latest product release. However, considering the performance of their new Super Down, we’re still amazed.

Hooded Jacket: Weighing in at a teeny 10 oz., the Hooded Jacket is filled with 2.5 oz. of 850 Polish Quixdown. Some other features include:

  • Two #3 YKK zippered hand pockets
  • Chest pocket that doubles as stuff sack
  • Entire jacket fits inside the hood of the Kuiu Guide DCS Jacket
  • 20 Denier Toray Stunner Stretch 100% polyester fabric, treated with Toray’s Kudos DWR treatment
  • Baffled construction to eliminate cold spots
  • Available in Verde Camo or Gun Metal (dark gray)
  • M-XXL sizes
  • Retails for $249.99

Zip-T: Weighing only 7 oz., the Zip-T was designed specifically as an insulation layer for early season hunts and/or as an additional middle insulation layer.  It has 1.4 oz. of 850+ Polish Quixdown.

  • YKK zippered chest pocket designed as a stuff sack, and compresses to ¼ the size of Kuiu’s Spindrift Jacket.
  • Same features as the Hooded Jacket.
  • Available in Verde Camo or Steel Gray (medium gray)
  • M-XXL sizes
  • Retails for $199.99


Caribou Gear Game Bags


Caribou Gear Game Bags

Caribou Gear continues to diversify their product line and offer packages for specific types of hunters. Now you can get a lightweight game bag pack (small – antelope/deer; medium – elk/caribou; and large – moose/bison) to suit your needs. All of their bags come with light reflective attachments and lock loops. Their website is a little rough and hard to navigate, but the gear is solid. Go to www.biggamebags.com to order. Here’s a couple of key options you might be interested in:

   Game Bag Pack (Medium): Comes with four 48×28 quarter bags; a rib bag; a30x23meat parts bag (neck, backstrap); a 30×23 trophy cape bag, and a 20×12 camp meat bag. It also includes ID tags, zip locks, ventage storage bag.  Cost is $84.99.

   Carnivore II: Comes with five 24×21 game bags; a 48×48 ground tarp; 5 zip ties;  black storage bags; and field instructions. It’s designed specifically for hunters who will be packing out only meat (no bone). Cost is $54.99.


Nosler Trophy Grade and Trophy Grade Long Range Ammo


Nosler launched their popular Trophy Grade Ammo back in 2008, and despite the rising cost of ammo, it’s been a raging success. Our Editor, Ryan Hatfield, has used it for the past four years and loves it. For 2013, they’ve now launched a brand new line of Trophy Grade Ammo – Trophy Grade Long Range, based on Nosler’s recognition of the need for very high ballistic coefficient bonded ammo. Here are some new items for 2013:

Trophy Grade (NEW ammunition available for 2013 – in addition to many existing options. Note: BT=Ballistic Tip; AB=AccuBond): .243 Win. 90gr AB; 6.5 Creedmoor 140gr BT; .280 Rem 140gr AB; 7×57 Mauser 140gr AB; 7mm Rem. Mag. 160gr AB; .30-06 180gr AB; .300 WBY 180gr AB; .325 WSM 180gr E-Tip; .340 WBY 300gr AB; .338 RUM 250gr AB; .338 RUM 300gr AB; .338 Lapua 300gr AB; 9.3×62 250gr AB; .375 Ruger 260gr AB.

Trophy Grade Long Range (ALL new for 2013; all AccuBond Long Range bullets): 6.5-.284 Norma 129gr; .270 WSM 150gr; .280 Ackley IMP 150gr; 7mm Rem. Mag. 168gr; 7mm STW 175gr; 7mm RUM 175gr; .300 WSM 190gr; .300 Win.-Mag. 190gr; .300 WBY 210gr; .300 RUM 210gr; .30-378 WBY 210gr; .338 RUM 300gr.


Garmin Oregon 650/650t


Garmin’s Oregon series has been very popular with hunters since its inception. Particularly with its compatability with HuntingGPSmaps.com chips, hunters can now know just about everything; not just where they are, but where in relation to private property and whose property it is. For this year, Oregon introduced the 650 and 650t. Features of this unit are:

  • Faster processor
  • Can zoom in, pan out, and rotate using multi-touch
  • Touchscreen is now more receptive of use with gloves
  • Brighter screen
  • Less glare
  • 8MP camera with digital zoom
  • Smaller
  • Weighs just a touch over 7 oz.
  • Retails from $480-$550

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