Altra Lone Peak Neoshell Running Shoe

Day-6---altra-runningSportsmen everywhere are embracing the concept of the hunter-athlete and the need for year-round training. But with winter approaching, many of you who live in wetter climates will hang up your running shoes, and for others, until things dry out in the spring, running in cold, wet feet just sucks.

That’s why Altra introduced the revolutionary Lone Peak Neoshell with a water- proof exterior. Most waterproof running shoes have a waterproof booty very close to the skin, which in my experience allows the exterior of the shoe to get wet and traps moisture against your foot, leading to heavy shoes, cold feet, and sweaty socks.

The Neoshell keeps the shoe dry first, and by default, keeps your feet dry. I’ve owned a dozen pair of Altra training shoes and literally have five pairs in my closet right now. Their zero drop open toe box design offers the most comfortable and logical fit of any running/training shoe on the market.

Cost: $150.