Browning Safes

Browning-SafeMy first job in the hunting industry was as a retail salesman in a Tucson gun store. That was 30 years ago and gun safes were just becoming a big thing. Even back then, there were safes…and then there were Browning safes. Being the young guy, I was always nominated to deliver safes to customers’ homes. Most safes went into the garage or maybe a “man cave” but the Browning safes always went in the living rooms and dens, almost like a piece of art. Browning still makes the best gun safes on the market. From their t and nish to their ingenious interiors and creative sizes, no other company can match the Browning line.

Prices vary from less than $1,000 to as much as $8,000 due to the vast array of sizes and options. Check them out online at or see your local Browning dealer.