Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini Light and Venture 30 Power Pack

Day-14---Goal-ZeroGoal Zero continues to amaze me with their innovative power packs, lighting options, and solar energy solutions. I started using the new Light-A-Life mini LED lights and the Venture 30 Power Pack in August and the results have been impressive. I’ve been able to light my entire camp for more than a week at a time with nothing but solar power. The Light-A-Life is compact and incredibly lightweight (2.4 oz). One light is all you need for a backpack camp and you can chain together two or more for larger camps. The Venture 30 Power pack is charged via a USB cord and stores up to 30 Wh of power, is fully waterproof, yet only weighs 8.8 oz. It was designed from the ground up as a backcountry device that could handle any conditions, and it does.

Cost:Light-A-Life $30