Buying gifts for hunters is all about thinking outside of the box! Which products are new and innovative this year? Here are a couple we can almost guarantee your hunter doesn’t have yet, and maybe hasn’t even heard of! You’ll be a hero on Christmas morning.

Bullseye Camera Systems

BullseyeIf you haven’t seen or heard of Bullseye Camera Systems, it’s time you check them out! These guys have created a way for you to shoot at 500-1000 yards, and accurately check each shot without walking to the target, or even changing your target!

A camera is set up at the target (set at an angle, so you don’t shoot it), and a wireless signal transmits each shot back to your laptop which sits with you. Every single shot blinks on your screen, and is recorded. You can organize the groups by ammo, gun, shooter, etc., and go back and review the shots.

You can purchase your Bullseye Camera System directly from The Outdoorsmans. Click here for prices and packages!

Check out the video below for a demo of the product.



Outdoorsmans Digidapter


The guys at The Outdoorsmans are obviously glassing nuts. So it was only a matter of time before they created their own system of photographing and sharing what they find. This system works with any smart phone, and combines with almost any spotting scope or binocular (if you have optics that don’t fit the standard sizes, they’ll find a way to make it work!)

You need the Digidapter body, which the store will mount onto a special case that will fit onto your phone. Then you need a ring for each pair or binos or spotting scope that you want to use the product with.

Click here to see all of your options.

Check out a couple of photos taken by our own Kristy Titus through the Digidapter system.

 Check it out!