Backcountry Clean without Water

As the female presence continues to grow in the outdoor industry, so does the need for female-specific items. While I don’t need everything to be pink, I don’t like the grunge, dirt feeling at the end of a day, and hot showers are hard to come by in the backcountry. Luckily, I had the opportunity to test a new line of scent-free items by Balleck. Formulated by Cammi Balleck, this line of natural products does not require water, doesn’t leave any weird residue, plus she also has a powder that helps keep you warm. In my eyes, that’s the formula for a perfect day.


Wilderness Warmth-I can really only think of one way to describe this product, it’s magical. Ask my husband, I can get cold on a 90-degree day. So you can imagine those early morning hunts aren’t always fun for me and I’m always trying to find ways to stay warm. But shake a little of this powder on my hands and feet before putting on my socks & gloves makes the difference between a bad day and a great day. Plus I can pronounce all of the ingredients in it. It’s definitely a must-have in my arsenal of gear.



Dry Shower-My hairdresser tries to get me to use dry shampoo all of the time instead of washing my hair every day, I’ve just never been a fan. But the Balleck Dry Shower is pretty nice, plus I can also use it as a deodorant & body wash which is definitely required. The nice thing about the Dry Shower is you can get rid of the grunge feeling without any water. You can rub it on your arms, legs, wherever and then that’s it! Since it’s scent-free, you don’t have to worry about using it during archery season, the animals won’t even notice.





Gunk Off-This is probably the nicest makeup remover/cleanser I have ever used. Most of them feel greasy, but this one is light and refreshing. It works great on removing camo face paint, especially on those warmer days when your face feels slimy. It also does not require water, but I like to splash my face with cool water after using it, just to enhance the fresh feeling. You can also use this product all over your body, but I liked the Dry Shower everywhere else better.


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