Kifaru has been around now for 36 years, a small company built on performance gear with products built in the USA. They are customer direct, meaning you order directly from the company, where you can get the best service and custom orders. In fact, when ordering on the website, you put in specific body measurements and select from several options to customize the pack to your needs. Because of this, turn-around time is often delayed while they make your pack. They currently offer a substantial line of packs, all built smart with quality materials.

KifaruFrame/suspension: The frame is available in two models: 1) The Duplex (3.9 lbs.) and 2) the Bikini (2.3 lbs.). Each is available in 24” and 26”. We reviewed the Duplex, which is available in aluminum or carbon fiber stays.

This internal frame is very strong, and is designed to integrate with many in the Kifaru pack line, including the Nomad, Timberline 3, Highcamp, and EMR 2.

The WrapTech Plus adjustable suspension includes two dense, vertical, raised torso pads and a pronounced lumbar pad. There is good separation, allowing for ventilation. The hip pads, while not especially thick, are broad, comfortable, and spread weight across a wider surface. It also includes PALS webbing matrix for modularity.


Bag: Constructed of 500D Cordura, this 5200-c.i. pack is ready to work and made smart. I appreciate lightweight as much as anyone, but I’m also a guy who likes pocket options and organizational capabilities, and this pack has it. Front and side pockets, additional accessory pockets, divider pockets, and pockets in the upgraded lid options ensure you won’t be digging constantly trying to find important items. Dedicated spotting scope/tripod pockets are available on the sides. There is also a flap inside the main compartment that can be secured if you want two separate compartments (top/bottom).

Kifaru also offers the unique option of two lines of custom embroidery for $25 if you choose.

Color/camo options: Coyote Brown, Foliage Green, MultiCam, Kryptek Highlander.

Best Qualities: Extreme versatility with accessories and organization, and also with interchangeability of frame with many other Kifaru pack bags; very comfortable and capable with large loads; abundant tie points; frame can be used alone; meat can be hauled between bag and frame.

Could be better: The biggest drawback to the Kifaru is simply the price. Starting at $606, if you add a better lid, two belt pouches, and a Grab-It load shelf, you’re at $800. Also, with accessories, the bag is one of the heavier ones in the review.

Cost: $606. Contact:


Recommended accessories: LongHunter top lid (doubles as lumbar pack with waistbelt, 1000 c.i., 17 oz.) – $71; or Hunting Extreme top lid (geared toward the tactical side with extreme modularity, 600 c.i., 15 oz.) – $71; Belt Pouch – $32; Gun Bearer (attaches to shoulder strap and waist belt for ready use, or to side of pack) – $31; Generation 2 Hanging Meat Bag (8.5 oz.) -$24; Grab-It II load shelf (also bow or load support, 5 oz.) – $31.

Alternate Kifaru pack bags that can fit Duplex Frame: EMR2 (8400 c.i.) – $418; Highcamp (7000 c.i.) – $225; Timberline 3 (4000 c.i.) – $269; Nomad (2400 c.i. – 7000 c.i.) – $246.




-Ryan Hatfield