ATA Highlights – Existing Product

By Darren Choate, Gear Editor

Dead Center Archery Products Pro Bow BalancerFor the bowhunter, accuracy is key. Accuracy is achieved by proper bow set up and tuning. While walking the floor at ATA this year, our contributor team heard about a bow balancing product offered by Dead Center Archery, so we stopped by their booth to check it out. Their Pro Bow Balancer has been on the market for several years; however, none of our team was aware of it. One reason for that might be because the tool is more prominent in the target and 3-D field, but it definitely has application for hunting bow set up as well.

Think about a common hunting bow set up; most have a 6-inch stabilizer with all of the additional weight on the right-hand side–vice versa for left-handed shooters. When a hunting bow like the aforementioned was set in the pro bow balancer–if you have not seen one, think gyro–it immediately fell to one side. When a bow with a balancing stabilizer set up was set in the balancer it could be fine-tuned to set straight square, with about 20-30 degrees forward cant.

A balanced bow means less time finding and leveling the bubble on your sight, which leads to easier target acquisition. The Dead Center Archery Products Pro Bow Balancer is one that our team will definitely investigate thoroughly in 2018.

Existing Product: Dead Center Archery Products Pro Bow Balancer

Dead Center Archery Products Pro Bow BalancerThe Pro Bow Balancer from Dead Center Archery Products is a revolutionaly tool to take the guess work out of stabilizer and weight configuration and eliminates the notion of “Close Enough”. Proper balance Does Matter when it comes to putting arrows where you want them. If you want to make your stabilizers work For you not Against you, have an optimum aiming experience for better shot execution, stability during the shot and more arrows on target, you need precision balance.

The Pro Bow Balancer allows the user to have a tool to reviel the bow’s balance or balance bias so that effective changes can be made without crude guess work or trial and error methods. The tool utilizes a Universal Cradle that attaches to the bow at the grip area and allows for movement front-to-back while the Free Floating Balance Bracket allows for movement left-to right giving a clear read on where the bow is balanced and where to make adjustments.

  • Precise Balance: Just a 1/5 ounce of weight or 1/16″ of movement in a stabilizer mount changes everything. The Pro Bow Balancer reveals the effects of every movement making stabilizer positioning simple and precise.
  • Effective Fine Tuning: Fine tune the position of your stabilizers and weights to suit the specific and individual balance needs of any shooter.
  • Optimum Aiming Stability: With proper balancer for the individual shooter – achieve an optimum aiming experience for better shot execution.
  • Increased Moment of Inertia: Let the stabilizers do the job they were intended to do!  Stop fighting the bow and let your stabilizers steady your aim and stabilize the bow during that critical .015 second after the arrow is released and before it leaves the bow. THIS is where it matters most!
  • Optimized Accuracy: Proper, customized balance puts more arrows where you want them. Period.

Cost: $289