For most people, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but for hunters, it might just have to settle for second-best. Now that the majority of hunting seasons are coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about other people. Yes, I know, not as easy as it sounds, right? To make your Christmas shopping a little less stressful, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling some great gift ideas for you that won’t break the bank! Buy one, or heck, by them all!

We will be adding new lists later this week and continue through the holidays. Just remember to buy now! Don’t wait until the last minute and end up stuck in line at your local superstore trying to buy the last box of clay pigeons.  You will thank us, we promise!




nexbelt%20team%20titanAt first glance, choosing a belt might seem like a big decision. If the sole purpose of the belt is simply to hold your pants up, then just about anything including a piece of rope will work. But for hunters and anyone carrying a hip-holstered weapon, a belt suddenly becomes a piece of gear. Nexbelt delivers on all fronts. The stiff nylon weave won’t bend under the pressure of a hip belt and will also handle the weight of a double stack conceal carry pistol. Known at the “belt with no holes”, the Nexbelt uses an ingenious ratchet system that won’t stretch over time and doesn’t loosen until you release the tension. It’s also a great-looking belt. I wore it on a 15-day Dall sheep backpack hunt in Alaska and then wore it out to dinner with my wife when I got home.

Cost: $49.99



Meat Processing for the Western Hunter

meat_processing_book_1_1024x1024Many people get intimidated at the thought of processing their own wild game, thinking it must be too complex and difficult for the average hunter to manage. Not so! It’s just like anything; you just have to dive in and get your hands wet. This 8.5×11 booklet has spiral binding to make page-turning and viewing optimal, large photos for viewing while you’re cutting, and has step-by-step instructions for all the main meat cuts. It also has another entire section on all the staple meat recipes – jerky, sausage, venison bacon and more! At $14.95, it’s a can’t-miss buy that will surely please any outdoorsman.

Cost: $14.95



Spice Cave 4 Pack

4spiceEvery master chef will tell you that good spices are one of the main secrets to great food. The perfect combination of flavors is an art form, but for those of us who are not master chefs, blended spices offer a convenient and tasty alternative.  The Spice Cave 4 Pack covers all of the bases with the perfect blend for venison, fowl, and fish, along with a spicy blend (Fire).  All of Spice Cave’s products are Paleo and Whole 30 certified and do not contain MSG, nitrates, or nitrites. I’m getting to the bottom of each bottle and can attest to their deliciousness!

Cost: $33.95



Rep Your Water Shirts and Hats

rep%20water%20bghn55Rep Your Water is a small Colorado apparel company with unique and creative designs for hunters and fishermen.  Their hats have become iconic in the fly-fishing world. More importantly, they have a huge heart for conservation, contributing part of the proceeds from every single sale to a dozen different conservation organizations around the country. With designs for both men and women, you might be able to finish all of your Christmas shopping on their website alone!

Cost: $25-$60




Kuiu Quarter Game Bags

kuiu-quarter-game-bagdKuiu has entered the market in quality, lightweight game bags with these well-done models. Made with a strong, breathable Taslan nylon fabric, it’s sewn with strong seams, and the side panel construction is built to minimize seams at high-stress points at the bottom.

Features include a cinch cord with heavy-duty cord/lock, blaze orange side panels, and reflective accents. They’re also machine washable/reusable.


  • S (2.1 oz., 1500 c.i.) – small deer
  • M (3.1 oz., 3200 c.i.) – large deer
  • L (4.5 oz., 5500 c.i.) – elk
  • XL (7.2 oz., 11,000 c.i.) – moose

Cost: $13.99-$29.99



Kuiu Boned-Out Game Bags

kuiu_boned_out_game_bagsTo complement their quarter game bags, you can also get a lightweight, zippered bag with handles for boned-out quarters. Made with the same fine fabric, this bag provides easy access with a full zipper, easily handling with the supplied handles, and all the bells and whistles one could hope for in a game bag – reflective material, webbing loops, etc.


  • Small – 950 c.i.
  • Medium – 1100 c.i.
  • Large – 2000 c.i.

Cost: $14.99-$19.99.



Wilderness Athlete Cookbook

wa_cookbook-website1_blogStop struggling with deciding on what to eat and give the gift of home-cooked meals this Christmas! Wilderness Athlete has made it easy with their brand new cookbook “The Wild Kitchen: For the Wilderness Athlete Family.” This cookbook comes complete with recipes for every meal of the day, including snacks and even desserts. It also contains education and a grocery shopping list to ensure your success in the kitchen. Not only are the recipes simple enough for every skill level, but they are also delicious! From Meal Replacement Shake ideas to gourmet dinners, rest assured you will be eating like a true Wilderness Athlete.

Cost: $29.95 (Free Shipping)




T-Post Stepper

unspecified-3At first, you might think this is a novelty product with limited practical application. Now, think about how many pairs of hunting pants and blue jeans you’ve torn the crotch or hamstrings out of over the years; or shirts; or backpacks; or your own flesh! The fact is everyone reading this has likely done hundreds if not thousands of dollars of damage to clothing or gear, and also to their bodies, from crossing barbwire fences. Is this a practical piece of gear to pack all the time? Probably not. But, if you’re hunting antelope, or even elk/deer, in a lot of farm/ranch ground? Yep. Also, take the hunting element out of it. This is a great gift to consider for ranchers, surveyors, hikers, and all types of people who spend time navigating low-fenced ground. It’s made of aluminum, weighs only 8 oz., and comes with a holster, which can also be used as a padded handle for the top of the t-post as you cross. Ranchers might even thank you for not even stretching out their fencing when you cross.

Dimensions: 8”x2-1/8”.

Cost: $20 or 2/$36. Contact:



Browning Speed Load Knife

browning_knifeBrowning took the replaceable knife blade concept to an entirely new level with the introduction of the Speed Load. With this Russ Kommer design, there is no chance the blade will accidentally disengage when you’re up to your elbows cleaning an elk. The Speed Load includes a drop point blade, gut hook, box cutter, and caping blade, so every job is covered. I’m a big fan of the box cutter blade over the common scalpel blade, because they hold an edge much longer and don’t break as easily. A ballistic nylon sheath is included, but there’s also a pocket clip for faster access.

Cost: $39.99.