On to round two of this year’s Western Hunter Gift Guide! This time we will be looking at gifts in the $50 – $150 range. These great gifts are perfect for your Wife, Husband, Uncle, Aunt, Brother Sister, or the Neighbor who let you borrow his tent during your last hunt because yours was wrecked and now you owe him.

Again, as the hunting season is coming to a close, it is time to start thinking about other people. Yes, I know, not as easy as it sounds, right?  To make your Christmas shopping a little less stressful, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling some great gift ideas for you that won’t break the bank! Buy one, or heck, by them all!

We will be adding new lists later this week and continue through the holidays. Just remember to buy now! Don’t wait until the last minute and end up stuck in line at your local superstore trying to buy the last box of clay pigeons.  You will thank us, we promise!


GIFTS FROM $50 – $150

Wheeler Engineering Digital Fat Wrench

fat-wrenchPrecision rifle shooting is a rapidly expanding field, with more and more sportsmen building and tinkering with their own weapon systems. When mounting a riflescope or tightening the action screws, precise torque is critical to accuracy and repeatability. The new Digital Fat Wrench from Wheeler Engineering has audible and visual indicators that let the user know when the desired amount of torque has been achieved within +/- 2% accuracy. Wheeler has literally hundreds of quality products for the amateur and professional.

Cost: $99.99

Contact: www.btibrands.com


Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System

mtn-vacuum-coffee-systemIf you’ve ever watched our TV show, The Western Hunter, then you know what a priority we place on coffee…it is mission critical. If we’re in a base camp, then the Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System is our go-to method for brewing full-bodied French press coffee.  All we need to do is boil water in the pot, add fresh coffee, give it a few minutes to brew, press the filter down and it’s coffee time!  The second batch can be poured into the included thermos, keeping it warm for many hours.

Cost: $60

Contact: www.stanley-pmi.com


Epic Gift Packages

I have been a huge fan of EPIC meat products from their inception. Their heart and desire to educate consumers about the powerful health benefits of meat harvested from free-range, grass-fed animals is the same message hunters should be embracing and preaching. For Christmas, they are offering a unique package of products for men and women:

Whole Animal Project Holiday Gift Set for Himepic_wholeanimalprojectgiftset_his

Two EPIC Bars, two Hunt & Harvest Mixes, two Jerky Bites, one Beef Jalapeno Sea Salt Broth, one Beef Tallow Cooking Oil, two White Oak Rawhide Dog Chews, four White Oak Leather Coasters, one White Oak Beef Tallow Peppermint Lip Balm, one White Oak Beef Tallow Peppermint Soap.

epic-whole-animal-project-herWhole Animal Project Holiday Gift Set for Her

Two EPIC Bars, one Hunt & Harvest Mix, one bag of Jerky Bites, one White Oak Leather Clutch, one White Oak Beef Tallow Peppermint Lip Balm, one White Oak Beef Tallow Peppermint Soap.

Cost: $99.99

Contact: www.epicbar.com


Rimrok Stalkers

Rimrok founder, Travis Nowotny, is a well-respected andrimrok-stalkers very successful western bowhunter who was looking for a “better mousetrap” – or in this case a better, quieter way to sneak in for the final stalk on western big game. The Rimrok Stalker is his solution – an evolving stalking shoe prototype that has finally hit the market.

The Stalker is designed for use on the final approach, to slip over your socks after removing your boots. They are made to cinch up and hold tight, with no rollover effect. The bottom is a pliable five-layer sole with soft-shell fleece, sure to dampen or completely stifle your footfalls on even the toughest approach.

Other notes:

  • It is water-resistant and breathable,
  • Built in the USA
  • One size – “One size fits most”
  • 8 oz. each
  • Their Christmas special ($120) includes the Stalkers, a t-shirt, and logo hat.

Colors: Green; Max-1/Green

Cost: $115

Contact: www.rimrok.com



Lander Timp 25 Backpack

lander-timp-25-liter-backpackThe Lander Timp 25 backpack is a true adventure-traveler backpack. The weather-resistant, TPU-coated ripstop material sheds rain and snow like a duck’s back. All of the neatly organized pockets are interior, so there is nothing to snag when you have to yank it out of a packed overhead bin or from under a seat. There’s plenty of room for a laptop, small camera, reading material, and charging cables. I’ve used this backpack on two wet excursions in Alaska and it performed exactly as I hoped it would.  Lander also makes a host of other adventure products that are all top quality.

Cost: $129                                   Contact: www.lander.com


OnXMaps Hunt Membership

In one of our past articles, Kyle Johnson hunt-device-collage-computer-phones-tabletwrote about why you should consider ditching your traditional GPS and going instead to a mobile phone-based system. It’s one way to immediately reduce bulk in your pack immediately and it’s more than affordable. OnXmaps has this system down pat and if you haven’t already done it, you need to explore it further. There are two options – the Premium (one state) or the Elite (all 50). Each membership includes the ability to sync between and have access on mobile and computer, landowner names and boundaries, color-coded ownership, roads and trails, hunting areas, cache maps for offline use, 10+ basemaps, and more.


Cost: Premium: $29.99 | Elite: $14.99/month or $99.99/year

Contact: www.huntinggpsmaps.com