It’s been a busy day here at the ATA show, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. We’ve got some exciting reviews coming soon to the February issue of Elk Hunter, but we want to give our online fans a sneak peak, as well as tell you more about an exciting product announcement from this morning.

Bowtech announces new bow, The Experience.


In the coming issue of Elk Hunter Magazine, our Elk Hunter blogger Zach Bowhay will be reviewing The Experience in detail. Here are some initial thoughts:

“The grip is what everybody else takes their bow and tries to get to. There’s no way you’re going to torque that.” -Chris Denham

“What sets this bow apart in my mind, it’s defining features, are the 7 inch brace height and thinner handle.” -Zach Bowhay

“It’s the smoothest drawing, quietest shooting, most forgiving bow that we’ve ever created. That being said, that’s what our opinion is about the bow, and we’re challenging everyone to get out here and try it for themselves.” – Sam, Bowtech

Zach to review Black Gold Premium Bowsights


After talking with the guys at Black Gold, it’s apparent that they are the real deal. Black Gold is located in the West (Montana), they manufacture their products in the West, and most importantly, they are Western hunters. While some companies may start in other archery markets and move into hunting, these guys are Western hunters from the start.

“We’ve been in business for over 26 years, and we’ve had an unconditional warranty since day one. Meaning that if a customer breaks a sight, bends fibers, runs over it with their truck, knocks it out of a tree, their kids use it to pound tent stakes, we’re going to fix and replace it at no charge because we believe our product is built that well and is that good. You can’t have a warranty like that for 26 years and stay in business if you don’t make a quality product.” -Dustin, Black Gold Premium Bowsights

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