100th Issue

When I’m in someone’s home, I can’t help but look at the pictures on the walls. The weddings, the graduations, and holiday photos all mark significant events. When I look at the 100 covers of Western Hunter and Elk Hunter Magazines, I get that same feeling. Each one of them represents an accomplishment and signifies the passage of time.

While I have some favorite covers, I remember every single one of them with a sense of pride. Not only have we published 100 issues; this year marks our 20th year in the publishing business. It amazes me to think how different our world was 20 years ago. Then, when it was time to send a story to our graphic designer Randy Stalcup, I had to burn it to a disc and drive it to his house. We didn’t have smartphones, and 400 minutes of cell phone time cost over 100 bucks a month.

From where I sit recording this, I can see a landline port on my wall that will never be used again. Change is inevitable, but the incredible team that I am blessed to work with continues to deliver our very best work in every single issue. Floyd Green started Western Hunter knowing it was going to be a long journey. The list of people and companies who have contributed to our longevity would literally be in the thousands. Our advertisers are some of the most respected in the industry. Without their support, we couldn’t have made it. But in the print business, you’re nothing without dedicated readers. So, first and foremost, thank you to all of you who have believed in Western Hunter; whether this is your first issue or your 100th.

– Chris Denham