Media Kit

April – November, 2021

For 2021, Western Hunter will be organizing and hosting an extensive hunting film showcase and competition, open to all members of the hunting community. With the success and popularity of our television series The Western Hunter, we have an opportunity to inspire our audience not only to capture their hunts on video, but also provide them a platform on our website to share their adventures with a large audience.

We will be accepting film submissions for four different categories:

Professional Short (5 – 12 minute)
Professional Long (12:01 minutes or longer)
Amateur Short (5 – 12 minutes)
Amateur Long (12:01 minutes or longer).

At the end of the event in November a winner for each of these categories will be determine through an organized public voting process. We will be creating generous prize packages for the winners in each category with the help of our event partners/advertisers.

Partnership Opportunities

We are looking to recruit a small number of fitting brands to participate in the Film Fest Category Sponsors (4 total, 2 remaining spots available) and Prize Package Sponsors (exclusive, limited to one brand per product type) for the winners in the 4 competitive categories.

As a Film Festival advertising partner, your brand will be on display and well represented for the 8-month duration of our event through a variety of media platforms:

Film Festival Landing Page

Brand logo and prize item listed on Film Fest landing page at, including verbiage such as “brought to you by”, “sponsored by”, “in partnership with”, etc. This is where all participant films will be submitted, and where we will host all films to be viewed by site visitors. This page is where all traffic will be directed through our advertising efforts.

Magazine & Newsletter

We will be utilizing Western Hunter Magazine and our email newsletter list to regularly advertise and make announcements about the Film Festival. 5 consecutive issues of Western Hunter Magazine will feature a full-page print ad for the event, complete with all sponsor logos for Category and Prize Package advertisers. Our email newsletter of 46K+ recipients will include a Film Fest ad/update roughly 2x per month, each including advertiser representation.

Social Media

Our Western Hunter social media accounts will be key platforms in advertising and providing regular updates on the Film Festival. Not only will we be reaching our regular combined audience of 72.5K followers, but strategic paid prospecting ads will target and capture new viewers in our market. All Film Festival advertising media on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook will include our event advertisers whether through tagging or including brand logos.

Judge’s Seat

For Category Sponsors: Your brand will be awarded a seat on the voting panel to determine the finalist films in your sponsored category, prior to the public voting period which will determine the winners. Your brand and/or a representative from your brand will be prominently featured in the Industry Voting Panel section on the Film Fest landing page.

In-Film Ads

For Category Sponsors: A 2-second ‘Brought to you by’ ad will automatically play the the beginning of every film submitted into your sponsored category. This will be unique to films displayed in your category on the Film Festival page where public viewing and voting will occur. Films will not contain this ad in their original location (YouTube & Vimeo).

Please contact us to discuss prize package items and pricing if you are interested in being a Film Fest advertising partner.

Pricing &  Benefits

See the advertising summary lists and pricing below for Category and Prize Package Sponsors:

Category Sponsor – Sold Out

  • Logo placement on main Film Fest landing page where all online event traffic will be directed
  • Prominent, clickable logo placement with “Brought to you by:” at the top of your sponsored Film Category page
  • 2-second “Brought to you by” ad at the beginning of every film in your category
  • Logo placement in Film Fest announcement/promo video by Chris Denham and Nate Simmons
  • Brand logo in every Film Fest email newsletter and social media post (~2 each per month for 8 months)
  • Logo on paid social media posts used to extend Film Fest advertising, awareness, and reach
  • Logo placement in Film Fest ads printed in 5 separate issues of Western Hunter Magazine
  • Digital Film Fest advertising assets will be shared for convenient use in sharing with your own customer base
  • Seat on the voting panel to determine finalists in your sponsored category prior to the public voting period


Sold Out

Category Sponsors: Outdoorsmans, Wilderness Athlete, Browning, Swarovski Optik

Prize Sponsor

  • Brand representation on Film Festival Landing Page
  • Brand representation in 5 Western Hunter Magazine print ads
  • Brand representation in all Film Festival social media ads
  • Brand representation in all Film Festival newsletter announcements
  • Our talented Film Festival winners will soon be using your products!

PRICE: $750 minimum retail value product donation to each of the 4 category prize packages, or a combination of product + cash to meet the $750 requirement. Non-product payments will go directly toward cash winnings for our category winners.

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

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