Gear Reviews

Thorough assessments focusing on individual products used by seasoned Western Hunters

    Bridger Boiler Gear Review

    This season Chris will be taking his Bridger Boiler System with him on all his hunts, and in this video, he explains all the reasons as to why.
    Swarovski BTX Eyepiece Review

    The Swarovski BTX dual eyepiece has been on the market for a few years now and exceeded my every expectation.

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    Swarovski dS 5-25x52 Smart Riflescope Review

    Swarovski has raised the bar even higher with the introduction of the new dS 5-25x52 smart riflescope.

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    Swarovski NL Pure Review

    Now, more than 20 years after the introduction for the ELs Swarovski has done it again with the NL Pure.

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    Browning 6.8 Western Review

    I had the privilege of testing it in a new model Browning X-bolt Western Hunter, and it checks all of the boxes.

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    Riflescope Buying Guide

    Buying a riflescope in today’s marketplace can be a daunting task. Thankfully there are a few key features that you need to know when purchasing.

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    Scopes and Terms Simplified

    Here are a few things I’ve learned about scopes and some simple definitions or descriptions of words or terms you may hear associated with scopes.

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    WH Multi-Editor Boot Review Part-2

    See what our editors had to say about the boots included in this multi-editor review.

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    WH Multi-Editor Boot Review Part-1

    9 editors were all able to put some real-time in each boot reviewed here and what follows are honest reports on what we thought of each.

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    Guide to Buying Down Insulation

    With all the options on the market for hunters, it can be overwhelming to pick a Down Jacket but pay attention to these specs and you can’t go wrong.

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    Stone Glacier Grumman Goose Down Jacket Review

    As best as I can figure, I wore the Grumman on 34 hunting days this past season. Factor in casual use and the number at least doubles.

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