I know, I know…the most boring hunting stories always start this way. Usually, from that predictable beginning, the author chronologically describes his hunt in detail, and the stories always end predictably, too–with a big dead critter. It’s much easier to write a story that way, but they become redundant, repetitive,kinda like reading the same story over and over and over and over.

One of the problems with a blog is that it is inherently chronological. However, we don’t know the outcome of my hunt yet, so I hope to take you along on my chronological journey from tag drawing to success. Along the way I plan to get in better health, practice with all my gear, andexperience one of the most-anticipated hunts of my life. Even though it will be chronological, I’ll do my best to make it interesting and exciting. I will be talking to experts in health and nutrition, the creators of some of the gear I’m using, and friends and family who know far more about hunting elk than I do.I’ll show you all my thought processes when it comes to gear selection, as well as take you along for all my trials, tribulations, and successes.

My hunt starts on September 14, less than two months from now. Please check back often for new posts and feel free to comment and ask questions any time. I will take any and all suggestions, and hopefully learn a lot more about elk hunting along the way.

Sojoin me in my pursuit for a monster bull elk in the northwest corner of Colorado…

Trent Swanson, a Colorado native, is the Mountain Territory Sales Rep for SWAROVSKI OPTIK. You might recognize his name since he used to work with us here at Western Hunter. He is a self-professed “optics nerd” who has been chasing big game critters for nearly 30 years. You can find the rest of the blog posts about his Colorado elk hunt here.