It’s a good thing I started shooting early because I ran into all kinds of trouble trying to use peep sights. I kept adjusting them, but could never get it right. I finally took my muzzleloader to one of my customers, Ken Constantine at Elk River Guns in Steamboat Springs, CO. He made me realize that the sight picture I see through a peep sight is incorrect. I’m still not sure what the problem is because I went back to the standard rear sights.

The change was dramatic. I finally was able to dial in the muzzleloader! I feel supremely confident out to 100 yards, and know I can stretch that distance if necessary. Hopefully I’ll have a bull screaming in my face at about 15 yards, but if need-be I’ll be ready at the far reaches of the muzzleloader’s effective range.


Trent Swanson, a Colorado native, is the Mountain Territory Sales Rep for SWAROVSKI OPTIK. You might recognize his name since he used to work with us here at Western Hunter. He is a self-professed “optics nerd” who has been chasing big game critters for nearly 30 years. You can find the rest of the blog posts about his Colorado elk hunt here.