On the weekend before the hunt, my friend Rick joined me to scout. We stayed at Cow Camp and did a major cleaning of all the horizontal surfaces. We got it ready for six guys to make it our home-away-from-home.

On Saturday evening we glassed our eyes out, but didn’t see a single elk. Luckily we weren’t skunked because Rick had found a single cow earlier in the evening. We also found a ton of deer and antelope. The next morning, we woke up early and rode the ATV into a new area. We set up to glass, and immediately found one of the bulls that bugled at us. Throughout the morning we found nearly a dozen bulls, and heard many more bugling. Rick named the best bull Mudbog because as we watched him, he headed into a drainage and emerged from it completely covered in mud. He must have found a wallow in the bottom! He is kind of a funky bull because he is missing a third on his left. Even with it missing, he is a bull that I would be overjoyed and proud to shoot.


Mudbog – before


Mudbog – after


Rick digiscoping Mudbog


Trent Swanson, a Colorado native, is the Mountain Territory Sales Rep for SWAROVSKI OPTIK. You might recognize his name since he used to work with us here at Western Hunter. Heis a self-professed “optics nerd” who has been chasing big game critters for nearly 30 years. You can find the rest of the blog posts about his Colorado elk hunt here.