DSC04769The fall of 2016 is shaping up to be one of the busiest falls I’ve ever had. Years of building points in a couple states, paired with over the counter hunts we have planned, are stretching the schedule as it is. On top of that I pulled a dream tag in Alaska… it’s bound to be an exciting fall!

I refuse to let a year go by without doing a hunt or two with my good buddy Matt Elliott and this year he is finally dragging me over to his neck of the woods to hunt Roosevelt Elk in Oregon. This is something I have always wanted to do, but it seems to get put off. That is no longer the case. Starting August 27th I will be chasing coastal bulls with Matt and our other friend Matt Gustafson. This is sure to be a great hunt!

DSC02618Following that hunt I will come home and try to sneak a few days in both trying to kill a archery bull in Idaho as well as get some precious family time in before my buddy Sheldon and I head to Alaska for 12 days on a self-guided Alaskan moose hunt. Luckily Sheldon was dumb enough… I mean nice enough to go along on this adventure. And to carry the shotgun in case we encounter a grizzly. And to (hopefully) help pack out a huge bull moose!

coast pictureAs soon as that hunt is over I am hoping to make it home to catch the last 4-5 days of archery elk in Idaho. Hopefully Matt makes it over to my neck of the woods then to close out the season with me. Then it’s on to a very busy rifle deer season.

October 10th will find me backpacked into my favorite basins, glassing for big mulies; hoping to put the smack down on one with my new 6.5-300 Weatherby. On the weekends, I will be doing my favorite hunts of the year, chasing my little girl around the hills trying to find her another buck. Last year she killed a bear, a buck and a branch antlered bull and we can’t wait to see what this season has in store.

In late October my favorite mule deer hunting buddy Virgil and I will finally be headed to Utah to try our luck on a big mule deer buck. Virgil and I have spent a lot of time chasing mule deer together and we have been looking forward to this hunt for a long time.

IMG_6806Finally, after 7 years of building points, my brother Jeremy and I have finally drawn our Colorado rifle deer tags and the 3rd season dates this year are primed for a great hunt. I have always dreamed of chasing big bucks in Colorado where the opportunity for a monster is very real. I Hope it lives up to its name.

As you can see we have a lot of scouting, preparation and hunting to do this year and we are excited to be bringing you along on the journey. We will share our pre-season process and provide real-time updates on our hunts.

Welcome to Hunt DIY. Thanks for joining us.