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In every issue of Elk Hunter Magazine:

Gear for Elk 

Elk Hunter Magazine does extensive and frequent reviews of a wide range of products that every serious elk hunter should be using. From optics to boots to bowhunting equipment, you'll read about it in every issue.

Advanced Backpacking Strategies

Perhaps the biggest limiting factor to success in the elk woods is how to cover ground in deep country. We talk about lightweight gear, packing strategies, water treatment and more in each issue. 


The Hunting Horseman

We're fortunate to have George Bettas writing this column. George is a former Executive Director of Boone and Crockett Club and has 50 years of horse packing experience. George is a perfectionist and great writer, and shows the correct way to handle horses, the best tack, and other related items to improve your horseback hunting experiences. 

Hardcore Hunt Tactics

This section, written by well-respected western hunting experts such as Remi Warren, Mike Duplan, Jay Scott, Nate Simmons, and Ryan Hatfield, covers a broad spectrum of hunting tactics that will greatly improve your hunting knowledge. Whether it's when/how to call elk, how to use maps/technology to improve your hunt, or what to avoid, we have you covered. 

Elk Fit & Hunters Nutrition

Being fit enough to hike the mountains and pack out your game is critical. This topic is under-appreciated and under-appreciated. We talk about fitness tips, strategies, and the mental side of getting tough. Dan Staton and Kristy Titus are a formidable team in taking care of your body and improving your overall health. This isn't just about hunting; this is about quality of life!

Meat & Field Care

In every issue we cover things like how to properly cut game meat, how to cool meat up on the mountain, great recipes, and methods for field-dressing a 700-lb. elk on a steep slope. No other magazine provides such critical and consistent articles on this topic.

Elk Hunt Planner

Where to go? When to do it? Where are the elk and what kind of hunt and trophy should you expect? This section delves into the planning process of elk hunting across all the Western states.

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In every issue of Western Hunter Magazine:

Gear & Product Highlights

Gear is one of the most critical subjects in all of western hunting, and Western Hunter Magazine brings detailed write-ups and reviews in each and every issue. Backpacks, boots, optics, ammo, clothing and more. We only review and focus on product we believe in.

Hunting & Outdoor Photography

WHM is very lucky to have one of the West's shining photography stars, Tony Bynum, to teach you in every issue how to capture better hunting and outdoor images. Whether it's how to frame it up, how to manipulate depth of field, setting the perfect white balance, or just seeing it through the lens in a more creative way, Tony's insights are invaluable in helping you preserve your memories with better images.

Hardcore Hunt Tactics

Written by well-respected hunting experts like Nate Simmons, Ryan Hatfield, Remi Warren, Mike Duplan, Roy Grace and others, each issue contains multiple articles on how to become a better, more knowledgeable hunter. Hunting strategies, better use of gear, and other critical subjects are tackled routinely.

Killer Man Caves

This fun and unique column features a new well-designed and authentic trophy room in each issue. Along with the eye candy on the wall, you'll also read about the ideas and materials that went into creating a dream room for a big game hunter.


Backpack Hunting

Part of becoming a more successful big game hunter is knowing how to pack light, pack the right gear, and how to strategize your movements in the mountains. This is one of our most informative and important columns. We draw from years of experience in using boot leather and backpacks to get the job done on trophy big game.

Fuel the Fire & Hunters Nutrition

Being in shape and feeling vigorous is key to being an efficient and effective hunter. Professional trainers Mark Paulsen and Kristy Titus teach you exercise and fitness techniques, how to eat better, and how to pack meals for mountain hunting.

Know Before You Go

Many hunters each year unwittingly break game laws because of the complex nature and fine print of the regulations. Especially for those traveling out of state, it's easy to be confused or mistaken. Zach Bowhay breaks down important state-by-state regulations in each issue, such as broadhead/arrow requirements, the legalities of picking up a rack from a dead animal, and use of electronic devices on your rifle or bow.

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